What do you guys think about the “muse”? Do have problems with her or she comes naturally. I cant friggin’ write anything decent when she’s not around, it all ends up crappy.

It’s like I would try to write a story with an idea I came up with and can’t even find the fitting introductory sentence. There are also times I wake up in the middle of the night, goes to the bathroom and suddenly have this urge to write and spend almost 3 hours writing in the bathroom, afraod that when you leave, she’ll go and fly with the tides again.

Okay, so what do guys feel about her?

Shocking (and Sad) Facts About ‘Student Loans’ →






The student loan crisis in the United States is spiraling out of control and it might even be worse than you thought! Click through to learn all of the shocking facts about this scary matter.

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WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT?!? I fucking hate living in America. I literally have no hope of succeeding in anything in this country.

This is why I’m scared of going to college…

There was a guy in my class who literally could have attended any university in the US, but he chose to go to a university nearby to save on money.

This legitimately makes me hate the education system here and wonders why there hasn’t been some sort of report on the suicides this causes. Cause that was my first thought upon reading it, suicide.

And if you die before paying it off, your kids get a nice letter saying “you have to pay these expenses because your late parent tried to get an education in America.”
Land of the finance, home of the debt.

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